Raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Rebecca was surrounded by monotony and through photography realized the pleasure of architecture and the unnoticed details that occupy the landscape. She soon became fascinated with the functional art of the city and the palimpsest of the urban environment. This interest drove her to study photography at Columbia College Chicago. After gaining her BFA, she began working for Hedrich Blessing Photographers and started traveling the country experiencing a wide range of spaces that would have been otherwise inaccessible. After gaining a great deal of knowledge from that position she moved to London to continue her studies in photography. There she earned her MA from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. This helped her further explore the world, as well as the history and theory of photography. She currently teaches at The Illinois Institute of Art and has exhibited throughout the country from galleries in Chicago to art museums in California and Washington D.C. Rebecca continues to follow her passion through travels, exhibitions, and teaching. She is based in Chicago.